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Roubaix, 19th October 2017

OVH launches Acceleration-as-a-Service Leveraging the New Intel® Programmable Acceleration Card and App Store from FPGA Acceleration Partner Accelize

Today OVH, the global, hyperscale cloud provider, announces FPGA-based Acceleration-as-a-Service, based on the Intel® Programmable Acceleration Card (Intel PAC) with Intel® Arria® 10 GX FPGA, and in partnership with Accelize.® The QuickStore® Marketplace offers customers a choice of ready-to-use, optimised software which integrates seamlessly with the Intel FPGA-based acceleration platform....


Roubaix, 23. helmikuuta 2017

OVH:n jatkaa maailmanlaajuista laajentumistaan uudella konesalilla Yhdysvalloissa

OVH, Euroopan johtava palveluntarjoaja cloud infrastrucure-as-a-Service (IaaS) -tuotteissa, on ilmoittanut uuden konesalin perustamisesta Yhdysvaltoihin. Hillsboron kaupungissa Oregonissa sijaitseva konesali on toinen konesali Yhdysvalloissa Virginian Vint Hillin jälkeen ja kolmas Pohjois-Amerikassa kun lasketaan mukaan Kanadan Beauharnois'n konesali. Näiden laitosten avulla OVH tukee yli miljoonan asiakkaansa maailmanlaajuista toimintaa...


Roubaix, 21 January 2015

Steps towards a PCI DSS certified infrastructure

The French group OVH, cloud computing and web infrastructure specialist, has received the PCI DSS certification for its online payment system across all of its brands:, So you Start, RunAbove, Kimsufi and hubiC. This certification represents a new token of trust for its customers, as it demonstrates OVH's commitment to the fight against credit and debit card fraud. This step is also part of OVH's global certification strategy to...