Protect Yourself, And Protect Your IT Infrastructure

The current economic conditions has seen the demand for digital services increase exponentially globally. Unfortunately, the situation has also resulted in providing a rich breeding ground for hackers. Businesses are being urged to remain vigilant, following scam attempts that are capitalising on the COVID-19 healthcare crisis, leading to attacks and the spread of malicious programs. It is in this context, that IT managers are being challenged to manage and develop new deployments of their infrastructure as quickly as possible, whilst also trying to manage the associated cybersecurity risks. Join this webinar as we explore the current dangers facing businesses and how IT managers can protect their IT infrastructure against hackers and atttacks.

Key take-aways
•    The main source of cyber attacks and risks associated with IT infrastructure
•    How to develop security measures to minimize risks, such as scams, phishing, identity fraud, impersonation of healthcare organisations
•    Strategies to strengthen the pillars of resilience in cloud services, such as applying a DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan)



09:00 - 10:00Protect Yourself, And Protect Your IT Infrastructure

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Online, Online - EC3R 7LP - London
25  kesäkuu  2020
09:00 - 10:00

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Craig Donovan

Cloud Support Manager